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kinetic Lighting - the launch of 'plic luna'

The 'Plic' mechanism is scalable, through jewellery to performance.

The newest product in the series are made-to-order kinetic lights.

Available in different styles they are all versions of 'Plic' meaning 'to fold'.

Launched on 23rd May at Clerkenwell Design Week 2017, these lights embody the simplicity and playful, kinetic geometry of their smaller and larger counterparts, with the additional dimension of light and shadow.

Change the positioning and orientation of the kinetic light fitting, alter the shadows and see the infinite interactions of the geometry in perfect proportion.

All lights are made-to-order to fit their space; for a project about harmonious proportion and spatial interaction it seems only right that their scale should reflect the space where they will hang.

If you'd like more information have a look at the blog or get in contact.